Meet our Partners

Nevatronix is a world class, UL Listed and ISO 9001:2015 certified, fully integrated electrical, mechanical engineering and design studio. In accent to their electronics and design capability they also have full precision sheet metal fabrication and machining. They also provide cable-harness/board design and manufacturing along with electro-mechanical assembly, testing and certification all under one roof. Their highly experienced engineering, design, manufacturing and assembly staff provide a wide range of technical services. These services range from intense sheet metal fabrication assemblies to creating entire kiosk product lines for their customers. They are located in a 70,000 square foot facility utilizing state of the art technology/processes focusing heavily on quality and on-time delivery. They pride themselves on their nimbleness and intense product understanding which directly benefits their customers in terms of market share while capitalizing with this quick first-to-market approach.  This is only achieved through many years of producing high quality electronics coupled with exceptional customer service. Their software partnerships allows them to provide high tech digital products or any type of electronic Self-Service solution. 



INEX is a long standing company with extensive experience, never failing to maintain fresh view on software development. They get the best of both worlds: small startups and big corporations, not falling in to either of these categories. They are a small and thus (but not only due to that!) a close-knit team. They are not drowning in procedures, processes and paperwork, but still have a solid reputation in the gaming industry and long-term cooperation allows them to look into the future with confidence and keep their established position.

Their Las Vegas office provides product support in US operating hours, while their development center is located in Poland.

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