Tevano is a technology company developing solutions essential to dealing with ongoing global health challenges.


Tevano works exclusively with two kiosk and screen technology veterans and equity partners, Nevatronix and INEX.

Nevatronix disrupted the global gaming industry by designing and manufacturing payment kiosks and digital screen innovations that now have an extraordinary 80 per cent market share in the gaming world.

INEX has been building and designing kiosk and screen software solutions for more than two decades.

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Tevano is a comprehensive kiosk and health alert solution, essential to dealing with ongoing global health challenges. Tevano’s kiosk and screen technologies will help populations live, work and play safely in the new reality.

Tevano’s solutions:

– Reduce or eliminate lineups and unnecessary human interaction

– Minimize human contact with infected surfaces and currency

– Enable instant health checks



Health Shield™

Health Shield™️ was designed to help businesses across industries protect the safety of employees and members of the public through entrance way health screening. The Health Shield™️ device dramatically cuts costs, improves safety and provides real time activity data, metrics and notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tevano is the developer of Health Shield™, an innovative, AI-driven, zero contact electronic device that displays a user with their body temperature and notifies them if they need to wear a face mask in real-time.

Health Shield™ devices are designed to be placed at all entrances that customers and/or employees would use to gain access to a building. This hardware is coupled with a cloud software solution that manages multiple devices and provides detailed reports of all scans carried out throughout an enterprise.


Health Shield™️ Device

Key features of Tevano’s proprietary Health Shield™ device include:

Temperature Sensor: Accuracy of ±0.9°F / ±0.5°C within 1 second

Face Mask Detection: Accurate determination of a mask is being worn

Customizable Audible Alerts: Clear audio messaging to direct users

Multi-language Support: Device supports multiple languages

Enterprise Ready: Cloud-based infrastructure enables management of multiple devices & real-time reporting 


Company Headquarters

1303 – 1030 W. Georgia St Vancouver, BC V6E-2Y3
T. (855) 997-0787


Addressable markets

Health Shield™ devices provide a robust first line of defence against the spread of COVID-19. They are suited to a significant number of commercial environments including: logistics, distribution and transportation, warehousing and manufacturing facilities, retail environments, shopping malls, office buildings, apartment complexes, community facilities, entertainment venues, sports arenas, hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, clubs and many more.

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Health Shield™️ is an innovative AI-powered electronic device able to quickly and efficiently scan people for elevated temperature and whether they are wearing a protective face mask.

Health shield cost between $2700 and $2999 USD depending on stand choice

Currently we are shipping to United States and Canada.  Please contact us if you’re outside this area and we can arrange shipment

You can purchase health shield directly from our website or fill out our contact form and one of our enterprise salespeople will get back to you within 24 hours

Health shield ships within 24 hours of you putting your order in and takes 10 to 14 business days to get you depending on where you are in Canada or the US

Health Shield™️ is a plug and play device. Simply place it in position, go through the on-screen prompts and you’ll be up and running.
If you have questions or experience any issues with a Health Shield™️ device, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team at
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