How Do You Keep Your Business Open During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As businesses scramble to make plans for staying open during the next phase of COVID-19, technology-based company Tevano Systems is actively helping businesses remain open.

As we saw during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses, stock markets, and family’s lives across the world were turned upside down… life as we knew it was no longer the same. And while governments stepped into action with financial assistance, there was still a need to safeguard your business and family from this fast-spreading pandemic.

Not new to the world of touch screen and kiosk technology, Tevano Systems developed the Health Shield™, an innovative AI-driven non-contact temperature sensing device to help protect customers and employees alike from spreading COVID-19 beyond the business entrance — when a person walks up to the Health Shield™, the screen instantly diagnoses the user’s body temperature, then alerts them in real-time if their temperature is within the safe range to enter the business.  

About Tevano Systems

Tevano Systems is the developer of Health Shield™, Health Shield™ devices would be placed at all entrances that patrons and/or employees would use to gain access to a building. This hardware is coupled with a cloud software solution used to manage multiple devices and provide detailed reports of all scans done throughout an enterprise.